The technical depth and breadth of an Architect

The Architecture Day in Oslo, with Neal Ford, Mark Richards and Venkat Subramaniam as the main speakers, was a full day event focused on topics such as the journey from developer to architect, expectations for and the roles of an architect, software design architecture and principles and much more. One of the talks was the relation between technical depth and breadth of an architect and why it so important to know the difference between them. In this article I will summarize this topic, which is relevant for not only architects but also for developers.

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Unit Testing Spring MVC JSON data-binding with JUnit and Mockito

In this post, I’ll show you how to write clean and easy to understand JUnit test for any Spring Controller that has JSON databinding through the @RequestBody annotation with only JUnit and Mockito.

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About Esri ArcGIS and how to turn an ArcGIS map into a JPG

I recently studied the Esri ArcGIS JavaScipt API and after hours of trying and failing, I managed to find out how to use the Printer API to create (and also be able to download) pictures of my existing ArcGIS maps. Here, I will share the code as I’m very sure that there might be someone looking for the same. In this post, I will also show why I had to use ArcGIS and not Google Maps.

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Generating PDF from XHTML and CSS2 template with Flying Saucer 9.0.4

In this post, I will share a small utility for creating PDF files from a template file written in XHTML and CSS 2.1. The template file is set up with a stylesheet that handles margins, page breaks and running top content. This is a complete example showing how to use the Flying Saucer 9.0.4 framework (based on IText 2.1.7 which has an open source license).

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Introduction to JDK8, Lambdas and Functional Interfaces

In this blog, I will give you a quick introduction to the upcoming version of Java, showing you simple examples of how to use the most important feature in JDK8; lambda expressions.

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Create a randomized 2-dimentional datamatrix image using Java 2D

I have implemented an algorithm today for creating a random datamatrix image. While writing the algorithm I learned about how to create a random image using a BufferedImage, how to iterate the bits in a byte array, how to do simple bitwise calculation and image scaling; The result of the algorithm is images similar to these ones:

datamatrix1        datamatrix2

Here is the code:

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How-to: Using Tiles 2.2.2 with Spring MVC 3.x

In this short tutorial, I’ll explain you how to use the Tiles 2.2.2 templating along with Spring MVC 3.x.
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What to do when SyntaxHighlighter doesnt work on Ajax loaded pages

Recently when working on a feature for syntax highligting using SyntaxHighlighter library, I noticed that pages loaded through Ajax was not higlighted. Here’s how I solved it.

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JQuery UI (Dialog) & IE issues solved

Do you wonder why IE doesnt render JQuery UI widgets properly? You might have forgotten this.

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How to use SBTEclipse plugin with SBT 0.12.0

This blog post will explain you how to setup SBT with the SBTEclipse plugin for automatically creating Eclipse project files.

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