Monthly Archives: April 2010

Handling multiple resource connections in Websphere Application Server

 I have been working on migrating a EJB2 application from Websphere 6.1 to Websphere 7 and upon application startup, I got some strange looking error messages:

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Extending the Thematic Theme Framework for my WordPress blog

The power of social media can’t be underestimated. So in order to do something about it, I decided to give my site a complete makeover. Having spent hours and hours on testing hundreds of templates and opensource CMS frameworks, my choice fell on the simplest and most powerfull of them all; WordPress. Then later, I found two opensource projects that […]

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Pattern based password generator

Having to deal with changing passwords on multiple computers every three or four weeks, resulted in me making a password generator to speed up the process. Making a password generator is trivial, however, making one that generates meaningfull passwords is another issue.  Another challenge is security and true randomness vs deterministic randomness. In this post, I present a small utility that […]

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