Extending the Thematic Theme Framework for my WordPress blog

The power of social media can’t be underestimated. So in order to do something about it, I decided to give my site a complete makeover. Having spent hours and hours on testing hundreds of templates and opensource CMS frameworks, my choice fell on the simplest and most powerfull of them all; WordPress. Then later, I found two opensource projects that resulted in the  design you are looking at right now (incomplete, but nearly finished).

Thematic is not only a theme, but it’s also a complete theme framework by Ian Stewart. It enables you to extend, modify and control every aspect of your theme giving you a lot freedom and power.  For my web site, I decided to use a Thematic child theme which is enabled with a total of 17 widgets! This means (without having testet all the 17 widgets) that I can position whatever I want, wherever I want. Being a object-oriented programmer, the theme extension capability in WordPress almost felt natural for me. What an amazing feature! So, let me explain how my site is structured.

The base theme is the main Thematic theme, which  I had to install and activate as the first step. Then I installed a child theme extension of it called the “Thematic Power Blog”. The reason for chosing the Power Blog version is simply because it extends the Thematic theme with a header (for images etc.) on top. Now having a powerfull framwork installed, I needed a nice looking design. Among thousands of premium templates, I ended up using one called the “The Simple Love”. It’s a very nice looking simplistic theme designed by WPLover, hence the name “A Simple Love” (not official, I just presume).

The WPLover theme extends the base Thematic theme. The simplicitiy of the theme made it very easy to convert it into using the Power Blog. I achieved this by coping the CSS stylesheet from the WPLover theme into the CSS of the Power Blog theme.  The only editing I had to do was removing some duplicate definitions, merging a few definitions and adjusting widths and heights. I could have probably made a complete new child theme extending the WPLove-theme, however, to keep things simple I just merged the two stylesheet as described.

If you’r looking for a flexible theme that is easy to extend and customize, then you should seriously consider the Thematic Theme Framework (it is actually very popular already). To the authors of Thematic and WPLove, thanks for sharing your work.

I’m providing the theme here for you. Use it as it suits you.

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