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About Esri ArcGIS and how to turn an ArcGIS map into a JPG

I recently studied the Esri ArcGIS JavaScipt API and after hours of trying and failing, I managed to find out how to use the Printer API to create (and also be able to download) pictures of my existing ArcGIS maps. Here, I will share the code as I’m very sure that there might be someone looking for the same. In this post, I will also show why I had to use ArcGIS and not Google Maps.

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Generating PDF from XHTML and CSS2 template with Flying Saucer 9.0.4

In this post, I will share a small utility for creating PDF files from a template file written in XHTML and CSS 2.1. The template file is set up with a stylesheet that handles margins, page breaks and running top content. This is a complete example showing how to use the Flying Saucer 9.0.4 framework (based […]

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