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Updated Maven Scala POM-file

Want to use Maven for building your Scala project? Here’s a template for you to download!

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Tip: How to generically sort unknown objects by their nested properties

In this post, I’ll show you how to sort an array of unknown objects by their nested properties. The objects doesnt need to implement the Comparable interface.

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Solving network problems on Sun Solaris 10

I have been testing Sun Solaris 10 for a while, and short to speak: It has been a terrible nightmare… I had problems with about everything essensial: network, cd, usb, java. Not able to fix the hardware issues, I decided to tried to focus on the software and driver issues so I could at least be […]

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Tip: How to instantiate a generic Java object with arguments

While writing a text-based database, I fell into the following problem: How do I convert a column of String’s into any wrapper type of my choice? The solution I found is a generic instantiation with a single String argument in its constructor. 

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Unit testing your Spring JMS implementation

JMS is a J2EE integration pattern that’s commonly used in Enterprise applicatons, which enables enterprises to send and receive business data through a distributed cross-platform communication protocol.  Spring JMS is a framework that simplifies the use of the JMS API. Without going into more detail, however, I’ll present one possible solution on how you can unit test your Spring JMS implementations.

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Installing and running Apache MyFaces 1.2 with RichFaces 3.3

In an attemt at learning Java Server Faces, I thought that testing out an example application would be a good starting point. After reading about pros and cons related to the many different implementations of JSF, I ended up with the following ingredients:

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Handling multiple resource connections in Websphere Application Server

 I have been working on migrating a EJB2 application from Websphere 6.1 to Websphere 7 and upon application startup, I got some strange looking error messages:

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Extending the Thematic Theme Framework for my WordPress blog

The power of social media can’t be underestimated. So in order to do something about it, I decided to give my site a complete makeover. Having spent hours and hours on testing hundreds of templates and opensource CMS frameworks, my choice fell on the simplest and most powerfull of them all; WordPress. Then later, I found two opensource projects that […]

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Pattern based password generator

Having to deal with changing passwords on multiple computers every three or four weeks, resulted in me making a password generator to speed up the process. Making a password generator is trivial, however, making one that generates meaningfull passwords is another issue.  Another challenge is security and true randomness vs deterministic randomness. In this post, I present a small utility that […]

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